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/official selection 2016

Rainbow Party (Iceland) by Eva Sigurdardottir

Timescapes (USA, Boston) by Trevor Hewitt

MeTube 2 - August sings Carmina Burana (Austria) by Daniel Moshel

CopyCat Club - Ganz Berlin (Italy) by Riccardo Torresi

Figurine (Canada) by Hans Olson

Inexorable (USA, Somerville) by Jonathan Case

Dryad (France) by Thomas Vernay

Zero-G (Austria) by Jannis Lenz

Sixteen (USA) by Vashti Harrison

Schirkoa (India) by Ishan Shukla

War Scarred Berlin (Germany) by Roland Fuhrmann

Dichterliebe: POETLOVE (USA) by David Paul

Asphyxia (Germany) by Pol Ponsarnau

Gorilla (France) by Tibo Pinsard (Best Narrative Short Film)

Love Lust (USA, Boston) by Noah Canavan

Runaway (USA) by Noemi Schneider

Pink Dust (USA) by Cameron Stetz (Best Boston Short Film)

Batfish Soup (USA, Pasadena) by Amanda Bonaiuto (Best Animated Short Film)

Free (Croatia) by Tomislav Zaja

The Sign (USA, Burlington) by James Lantz (Best Documentary Short Film)

Tunisia 2045 (France) by Ted Hardy-Carnac

Yuri on the Phone (The Netherlands) by Rene Nuijens

Promenade (Argentina) by Cirila Luz Ferron

Postpartum (USA, Boston) by Emily Shapiro

Sway (Hong Kong) by Faiyaz Jafri

Pearl & Werther (USA, Brooklyn) by Stefan M Pavlovic (Best Underground Short Film)

Maniacs (Sweden) by Isabella Carbonell

The spiritual journey (Norway) by Gjert Rognli

Tak Chung Wu (USA, San Luis Obispo) by Tyler Russo

East (USA, Somerville) by JB Palmer

Operator (United Kingdom) by Caroline Bartleet

A Circle of Diamonds (USA, Philadelphia) by Michael Biello, Dan Martin, B. Proud

This Ain't Disneyland (Hong Kong) by Faiyaz Jafri 

Snapped (Ireland) by Phillip Connolly

A-10 (USA, Boston) by Kristen Currier

Missing One Player (China) by Lei Lei

Long Departure (USA, Plymouth) by David Ellis (Best Experimental Short Film)

MOLK (Canada) by Terence Chotard

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