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Swedish Caravan (United States) by Peiqi Peng
Elegy (United States) by CJ Gardella
Schirkoa (India) by Ishan Shukla
Desolation (United States) by Alexander Bickford
Ramona Rey - Jak Ty (Like You) (Poland) by Bartosz Brzeziński
Personal (Iran) by Sonia K. Hadad (Best Boston Film)
Metamorphosis (Slovenia) by Lana Bregar
Banlieue War (Canada) by Audrey Chevrier (Best Narrative Short Film)
Ragnarok (Lithuania) by Johan Oettinger, Urtė Oettinger
Vernon and Violet (United States) by Nikoletta Kanakis
Birds In The Mouth (Brazil) by Gustavo Ribeiro
Orange Band (United States) by Sarah Bliss
The 3rd Woman (France) by Benjamin Nicolas
Stretch (Turkey) by Çağıl Harmandar
In This Place Where We Lie (United States) by Art Parnitudom, Justus Wrede
Flutter (United States) by Vladimir Todorov
Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace (Italy) by Antonella Mignone, Cristiano Panepuccia
Le chat vilain - ep. 54 (Canada) by Luis Campos
Beetles in Boxes (Germany) by Wojtek Skowron
Walls (Germany) by Maik Schuster, Max Paschke, Maik Schuster
The Love of Parasites (United States) by Marie Nicholson
Save (Spain) by Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Up And Arise (Israel) by Raanan Berger
Breaker (Japan) by Philippe McKie
Soulfinger Vs Goldfinger (United States) by Crazy Legs Conti (Best Underground Film)
Soft skin, violence in the eyes (Spain) by Marc Nadal
Stuff As Dreams (United Kingdom) by Guli Silberstein
Tricks (Australia) by Melina Maraki
Strange Harvest (United States) by Stee McMorris
The Scarlet Whale (Colombia) Jimmy Cho (Cho Jim San)
Prison Island (United States) by Susan DeLeo
Spanish Sahara (United States) by Peiqi Peng
Don't Cry (Japan) by Tomoya Takashima
Halumim / Beneath the Silence (Israel) by Erez Mizrahi, Sahar Shavit
Sisterly (United States) by Nina Vallado (Best Documentary Short Film)
Flies (Greece) by Nadia Zygouri, Aris Pavlidis
Daydreams of Wilderness (Philippines) by Amaya Han
Body Without Organs (United States) by Mark Franz
Bambi (United Kingdom) by Sam Boullier
It Woke Me Up (Singapore) by Thomas Goh Chao Teck
The Bazooka (United States) by Rob Apse
Purpleland (United States) by Carly Lieberman (Best Animated Film)
4th House (United States) by Cameron Stetz
Tiphany (United States) by Justin Ferrato
Troll: A Southern Tale (United States) by Marinah Janello
Honk: A Festival of Activist Street Bands (United States) by Patrick Johnson
Black Rat (Australia) by Perry Lam
Undefinable girl, Unacceptable fact (United States) by Codie Yan
Team of Brothers (United States) by Kathryn Dietz
Make Me Dance (United States) by Tatyana Bronstein
Mono Generation (United States) by Keil Troisi
Be My First (Japan) by Philippe McKie
Sun Valley (United States) by Sasha Gransjean
Kinnari (United States) by Christopher Di Nunzio
Tehran, USA (United States) by Alex Sarabi-Daunais
My Life is Not a Show (United States) by Hailey Millar
Stephen King on Childhood (United States) by Patrick Smith
65,5 women (Norway) by Liv Mari Mortensen
All About You (Canada) by Allison Beda (Best Experimental Film)
Tone (Canada) by John Graham
Look of Death (Kazakhstan) by Max Shishkin
Sherry (United States) by Eliane Lima
Lingua Absentia (United States) by Kate Raney, Jeremy Bessoff
Es Rêver (United States) by Sean Carmichael
In the park (Spain) by Cristina Lladosa, Joaquín Vallet
Public Intimacy (Brazil) by Luciana Canton


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