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Boston Short Film Festival 2022 Award Winners Unveiled:


The 2022 Boston Short Film Festival featured a great selection of short films originating from the U.S. and from all over the world (Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Iran, Austria, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, France, Canada). Festival host and manager Maarten Cornelis looks back on the event: "This year's festival was the biggest success we have ever seen! Every night was sold out with a long waitlist. Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to offer everyone free tickets this year and the audience was very excited about this and of course, our selection of movies. Out of the 3,000 films we received, only 42 made it to the official selection. It was tough making our selection this year and I want to congratulate all filmmakers selected or not on their amazing work. We are honored they shared it with us. This year, we introduced a few networking events, and they were a success. For next year, our event will be even bigger and we are so excited to build this amazing festival and bring it to even a larger audience!"


With this year's panel of jury members now having cast their final votes, the Boston Short Film Festival is delighted to announce to you today the award winners for its 2022 edition.


Best Narrative Short Film: Ousmane (Canada) by Jorge Camarotti.


Best Documentary Short Film: Pony Boys (USA) by Eric Stange.


Best Animated Short Film: Losing It (Austria) by Sascha Vernik.


Best Underground short Film: The Prisoner (Poland) by Łukasz Gierańczyk and Filip Drzewiecki.


Best Experimental short Film: Pineland/Hollywood (USA) by Debi Cornwall.


Best Music Video: Once There Was III (USA) by Nina Mcneely.


Best Super Short Film: Slurp (France) by Jules Jolly.


Best Boston Film: Rabbit (USA) by Jasper Fletcher and Lukas Fletcher.




About BSFF:

BSFF believes in short films. Recognizing the important role shorts have in cinema, storytelling, and culture, BSFF wants to help empower the next generation of artists. The Boston Short Film Festival is an annual event showcasing shorts films with an edge. The BSFF focuses on the unconventional, the unusual, the underground, the intuitive, the innovative, the minimalistic and the true artists of our time.


See you all next year.

/official selection 2022

MeTube: August sings 'Una furtiva lagrima' (Austria) by Daniel Moshel

I Love You Don't Leave Me (USA) by Alex Leombruno

Dancing in My Sadness (France) by Casual Affairs

Ousmane (Canada) by Jorge Camarotti

Firebird (USA) by Carley Byers

The Shave (United Arab Emirates) by Fajer Alalami

I N T E R S T I C E (Sweden) by Oskar Willers

Snake Dick (USA) by David Mahmoudieh

Jellybrains (USA) by Michael Kling

Frank & Emmet (USA) by Carlos F. Puertolas

I Find Him In The Weather (USA) by Mia Zhou Lorentsen

In Bloom (USA) by K. M. Mungenast

Pineland/Hollywood (USA) by Debi Cornwall

International Departures (Turkey) by Erinç Durlanık

Dynamite (France) by Jim Vieille

Window (Sweden) by Sara Kadefors

Letter to my mother (Iran, Islamic Republic of) by Amina Maher

Scars (Canada) by Alex Anna

End of World Fantasies (USA) by Emily DeForest

Slurp (France) by Jules Jolly

Before We Collide (UK) by Guy Gooch, Gregor Petrikovic

Neighbour (Georgia) by David Borchkhadze

Linnea's Brain (USA) by Al Crockett

Nancy (USA) by Carlo Ang

Losing It (Austria) by Sascha Vernik

Talent (Not Specified) by Matt Canon

One Push Up (USA) by Alexander Bickford

BasketArt Court (short) (USA) by Xray Aims

Parenthesis (USA) by Vasilios Papaioannu

The Psychlist (Norway) by Martin A. Walther

Cabin Ban (Norway) by Finn Walther

Once There Was III (USA) by Nina McNeely

Mamma (Norway) by Aslak Danbolt

Rabbit (USA) by Jasper Fletcher, Lukas Fletcher

I Had A Strange Dream Last Night (USA) by Mira Haley Steuer

Before the Earthquake (Sweden) by Gustav Hugo Olsson

Chasse Galerite (USA) by Brian Hawkins

Pastel Slough (Korea, Republic of) by Kiha Ahn

Pony Boys (USA) by Eric Stange

Bear Hug (USA) by Daria Lugina

Iqaluit (USA) by Ted Schneider

The Prisoner (Poland) by Łukasz Gierańczyk, Filip Drzewiecki

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