FRIDAY JULY 16, 2021
8 PM - 10 PM

This screening session features 9 shorts. All films will be English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Landmark Theatres

Kendall Square Cinema

One Kendall Square,

at 355 Binney Street


MA 02139


Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission is free of charge. To reserve seats please send your name, number of seats and which screening session(s) you'd like to attend to We'll confirm ASAP.

Born Like a Bullet (Chile)
by Jimmy Fernandez

"Born Like a Bullet" is a collaboration project which combines poetry, dance and film, all in one, with the objective of creating awareness of our heritage and human rights. Like our black brothers, we have faced social discrimination and constant harassment by certain political figures. We´ve had enough. This must stop now and this is our way of protest. We want to let the world know that we our proud of being latinos. Duration: 00:03:30


Spontaneous (United States)
by Lori Felker

You never know when someone is miscarrying; it could be happening right next to you. Duration: 00:14:00


Toward You (Canada)
by Meysam Motazedi

A day in the life of a tenacious teenage girl as she pursues her dream of becoming a socially-conscious slam poet, agitating her stiflingly traditional surroundings in the process. Duration: 00:14:00


A Double Caprice at the Asylum (France) by Stéphane Rizzi

A film found in an abandoned psychiatric institution (circa 1987-2018). Duration: 00:06:10


Monster Encounters (Germany)
by James Smith

Humans encounter various monsters, but each encounter has a consequence. Duration: 00:01:03



Magic Kingdom (Hong Kong / U.S.)
by Nelson Ng Chak Hei

The story is set in 1997 against the backdrop of the looming handover. Kit, a middle-aged single parent, brings his son from Hong Kong to California under the pretense of visiting Disneyland. The son, Chun, comes to realize the real intention of the trip is for his own adoption. Duration: 00:15:00



Doublespeak (United States)
by Hazel McKibbin

A young woman grapples with the aftermath of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. Duration: 00:09:45


Rebirth (United States)
by Deniz Akyurek

A demon girl is reborn on Earth. Duration: 00:02:00


The Manila Lover (Norway)
by Johanna Pyykkö

During a trip to the Philippines, middle-aged, Norwegian Lars has meets Abigail - the Filipina he wants to share his life with, but does she share his plans? Duration: 00:26:27