8 PM - 10 PM


This screening session features 9 shorts. All films will be English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Landmark Theatres

Kendall Square Cinema

One Kendall Square,

at 355 Binney Street


MA 02139


Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission is free of charge. To reserve seats please send your name, number of seats and which screening session(s) you'd like to attend to We'll confirm ASAP.

2020 (United States)
by Tom Bessoir

A film for 2020, a year to remember.

2020 different colors create a flicker film.

Music by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Duration: 00:01:41


Physical Thoughts (United States)
by Anne Hollowday

A dancer reflects on a recent injury.

A dancer's body is their whole life. It is the sum total of their history, it’s the medium through which they make a living and it’s their method of creative expression. After a dramatic injury puts a professional dancer out of action for six months, she reflects on how our physical thoughts reveal who we are, perhaps even more than what we say. A meditation on authenticity, the creative life and facing one's own fears, Physical Thoughts is the document of an injury and a poetic distillation of wisdom for every artist. Duration: 00:03:32


Sleep Serene (Canada)
by Daniel Haack

A woman seeks out a new, hi-tech form of therapy which promises to ease her troubled mind. Duration: 00:13:00



Transponder (Belgium)
by Thomas Verijke

Emil is a photographer. He loves photos, he lives photos.  Transponder explores his photographic obsession with both observed objects and personal experiences. Emil's life, his present as well as his memories of love and encounters are captured as a sequence of pictures taken with a camera. Moments can be zoomed in and reasons for separation investigated pixel by pixel. Life's episodes are viewed through a filter. Ultimately though, images remain only static snapshots of an ever-moving reality, and so Emil finds himself constantly searching for new moments. Looking. Duration: 00:14:24

Heal Me (Canada)
by Shelagh Rowan-Legg

A woman walks outside on a snowy day, trying to find the thoughts that will heal her troubled mind.

Duration: 00:05:01


Sitting Still (United States)
by Weixin Zhuang

Sitting still by the ocean and feeling the sound, listening with enthusiasm, with interest, with curiosity. This contemplative journey follows the devout Theravada Buddhist monk and nun, with unprecedented access, in Rockaway Beach, New York. Duration: 00:10:22


Prestige (Iran)
by Zahra Ahooei

Mahsa, is an Iranian woman TV presenter. She sings and post her videos on Instagram anonymously. As a result of this, Mahsa faces a challenge during one of her shows so she needs to decide between leaving the country and loosing her job… Duration: 00:14:55



Beat (United States)
by Rusty Eveland

Two stray shopping carts meet for a beatbox battle.

Duration: 00:03:00



Olyan Dolgok - Things like (Austria)
by Kálmán Nagy

Éva lives a nightmare. She has the terrible suspicion that her husband has done something to her five-year-old daughter. Éva seeks help from her best friends. But can they help her? Duration: 00:25:17