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TUESDAY JULY 16, 2024 / 7PM

This screening session features 5 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

@ Capitol Theatre, 204 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington

Thanks to our sponsors, we can offer you free entry! Reserve your tickets here.


Domar (France) by Alcibiade Cohen

Maria, a young Argentinian woman, evolves in a men's world : rodeo. The day before qualifying for the famous "Jesus Maria" tournament, for the first time open to women, she must make a choice: speak or let fate decide for her...

Running time: 00:14:26

The Water Ghost.png

The Water Ghost (United Kingdom) by Hongzhou Xue

An epic on the smallest scale. A romantic poem about my childhood. A subjective fantasy that changes the memories of the past. False memory can reveal the true self.

Running time: 00:04:50

The Ride .jpeg

The Ride (Saudi Arabia) by Hania Ahmed Bakhashwain

Aliyah, 42, is a single mother who makes her day’s earnings by working as an Uber driver in what was once a very secluded society. She goes through unpleasant encounters in her daily job.

Used to these hardships that she's faced with, Aliyah is conflicted when she has to end a ride service when she gets an urgent call to pick up her daughter from school.

Running time: 00:15:08


Nøkkelbarn (Norway) by Sindre Mangen Haram

When twelve-year-old Erik is forced to choose which parent should have to move out during an ugly divorce, he struggles in the aftermath of his decision and how it ends up altering his relationships not only with his parents, but his two younger brothers as well.

Running time: 00:21:16

Daughter of Mine.jpeg

Daughter of Mine (United States) by Vanessa Martino

In 1973, seven-year-old Joan D’Alessandro asked her mother Rosemarie if she could deliver a box of Girls Scout cookies to the neighbor and that was the last time Rosemarie saw Joan alive. Twenty years later, under the threat of the murderer’s impending release, with the help of her community, Rosemarie fought to keep him in prison. In her fight, Rosemarie D’Alessandro began a movement, bringing awareness to the impact parole hearings had on the well-being of families that have lost children to violent crime. As she fought for other families, her’s began to break apart. Rosemarie became a symbol of hope for her community and a rallying point for victims' parents nationwide. She found strength in her memories of Joan and the belief that something good should come from what happened to her. In Daughter of Mine, Rosemarie D’Alessandro recounts the story of Joan’s brutal murder and the nearly 50-year battle to keep her daughter's killer in prison. Filmmaker Vanessa Martino examines the crime that left an enduring mark on her quiet suburban hometown, and how they rallied behind the strength of a mother to make landmark changes to the justice system.

Running time: 00:36:23

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