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The Boston Short Film Festival has announced the award winners for the 2018 edition.

The award for the Best Narrative Film and the Boston Eagle Award went to 'Sleep on the Tracks' (Canada) by Jasmin Mozaffari. Kat, an unemployed single mom struggles to prepare for an impending interview while also having to face the task of managing her restless young daughter Jayden, who has just returned from spending an exciting week with her father.

The prize for the Best Documentary Film was for 'Koka, the Butcher' (Germany) by Bence Máté. A respected figure in Cairo’s pigeon fighting world is leading his area into a decisive battle. Under immense pressure from his conservative community to quit his passion and marry, he is faced with the possibility that the upcoming race will be his last one.

The Best Animated Film award went to 'The Velvet Underground Played at My High School' (United States) by Robert Pietri, Tony Jannelli. This animated documentary is the story of the Velvet Underground's disastrous first public performance. While on stage for merely 20 minutes, The Velvet Underground performed three songs: 'There She Goes', 'Venus in Furs', and 'Heroin'. The Summit High School audience responded with, as a band member recalled in 1983, a 'murmur of surprise that greeted the appearance' that 'increased to a roar of disbelief as the band started to play' which'swelled to a mighty howl of outrage and bewilderment...' Half the audience walked out.


Best Underground Film award went to 'Don’t Ask Don’t Tell' (Brazil) by Frederico Evaristo. Just another fashion shoot in our fashion world. It is an experience about the (ab)use of the power, in a critical self reflection of two photographers testing limits. You just have to swallow it.

'You're Dead, America' (United States) by Jovan Todorovic won Best Experimental Film. 'You’re Dead, America' is a poetic short film, which explores the trepidatious narrative of American psyche today. Starkly displaying themes of decay, loss, and cessation through a series of metaphorical vignettes & archival footage, life can also be found in the film's delicate and nuanced beauty. Carried through by a striking v/o, the film’s allegory for what America now represents is unavoidable and close to home.

The Boston Short Film Festival believes in short films! Recognizing the important role shorts have in cinema, storytelling, and culture, BSFF wants to help empower the next generation of artists. Or as Jane Campion (director of 'The Piano', 'In the cut' and lots of short films) once stated "Short films are not inferior, just different. I think the short gives a freedom to film-makers. What's appealing is that you don't have as much responsibility for storytelling and plot. They can be more like a portrait, or a poem."

The festival discovers, supports and develops new talent in filmmaking, providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world, and an unique focus on Boston based filmmakers. Connecting industry and audiences, the festival celebrates the creativity, diversity and impact of short film. There will be unmissable evening screenings where audiences can watch the best new short films from the hottest new talent, and opportunities to network with the industry.

/official selection 2018

Generation Mars (Norway) by Alexander Armas Turpin

Wanderers (United States) by Christine Banna

Prayers (United States) by Edda Manriquez

Beautiful Hair (United States)by Amireh Rezaei-Kamalabad

149th and Grand Concourse (United States) by Andy and Carolyn London

#selfie (Germany) by David M. Lorenz

Sleep on the Tracks (Canada) by Jasmin Mozaffari (Best Narrative Film)

You're Dead, America (United States) by Jovan Todorovic (Best Experimental Film)

Wicked Workout (United States) by Chris Anderson

Beep Beep (France) by Hugo Malpeyre

Moonlight Princess (Israel) by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss

New Neighbors (United States) by E.G. Bailey

Elene (Turkey) by Sezen Kayhan

Palehound 'If You Met Her' (United States) by Caitlin LeBlanc, Jeovana Almeida, Kiely Quinn, Michael Escobar, Rachel Newman, Sara Tesh, Tatiana Marquez, Tom Quigley

Exit Strategy #2 (United States) by Kym McDaniel

Out Back, Behind the Shrubs (United States) by Kyle Mangione-Smith

Train Man (United States) by Alex Barsky

Mum, I'm back (Greece) by Dimitris Katsimiris

Turquoise (United States) by Gabby Follett

Super 8 Daze (United States) by John Morgan, Rob Hampton

Unspoken thoughts (Sweden) by Edvin Eriksson

Selfish, the Principle (Japan) by Anna Fujii

Flatland (Iran, Islamic Republic of) by Alireza Keymanesh, Amir Pousti

Boiling Point (United States) by Catherine Siller

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Brazil) by Frederico Evaristo (Best Underground Film)

Brainless Agenda: 'Daily Life of an Actress' (United States) by Linnea Sage

Frank (United States) by Ahmari Ly-Johnson

The Velvet Underground Played at My High School (United States) by Robert Pietri, Tony Jannelli (Best Animated Film)

Koka, the Butcher (Germany) by Bence Máté (Best Documentary Film)

Fragments 83 (United States) by Richard Millen

Matthew's Gift (United States) Jon Watts

Hammer Down (United States) by Dan Pasto

Soundproof (United States) by Henry Dane

Brainbloodvolume (Germany) by John M. Carter

Meet the Artist: Melissa Glick (United States) by Melissa Glick

Backstory (Germany) by Joschka Laukeninks

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