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Boston Short Film Festival Closes Another Great Edition, Announces Awards Winners of 2023:


“The 2023 Boston Short Film Festival was a major success,” says Festival host and manager Maarten Cornelis. “The 8th edition of the festival took place for the first time at The Capitol Theater, and we had a great turnout of not only film makers but also an attentive and excited audience. It’s always amazing to see the films that come out of the festival. Boston has a great cultural history and scene and our festival is happy to be part of what makes this city so special!”


Cherrypicked from almost 2000 entries, this year’s edition of the Boston Short Film Festival featured a great selection of 62 short films originating from the U.S. and around the world. (The festival’s newest online section, the OFF ON Selection, remains available for streaming until July 21, more info here). 


With this year's panel of jury members having cast their final votes, the Boston Short Film Festival is delighted to announce to you today the award winners for its 2023 edition:


Best Narrative Short Film: Our Males And Females (Jordan) by Ahmad Alyaseer.


Best Documentary Short Film: Before Pandemic And War, There Were Bed Bugs And Love! (Lithuania) by Nuruzzaman Khan.


Best Animated Short Film: Under A Shooting Contrail (USA) by Rika Nakayama.


Best Underground Short Film: Disappearing Acts (USA) by Sarah E. Jenkins.


Best Experimental Short Film: Limits (Switzerland) by Simon De Diesbach.


Best LGBTQ+ Film: Our Males And Females (Jordan) by Ahmad Alyaseer.


Best Super Short Film: Writing Of Ape (Sweden) by Gustav Hugo Olsson.


Best Actor (F/M/X) : Camille Wormser In Just Right (USA) by Camille Wormser.


Best Boston Film: Jerome (USA) by Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz.


Congratulations to al filmmakers! And finally, a big thank you to all guests for coming out to enjoy four evenings of short film cinema, we hope to see you all back next year.

/official selection 2023

1979 (USA) by Mike Taylor

A Dose of The Buzzer (USA) by Aaron Thibeault

A Fugue (UK) by Charles Jimenez

All Through The Night (USA) by Graham Marvin

Bassist Needed (USA) by Spike Kittrell

Beef (USA) by Brendon Kingsbury, Sean Webley

Before Pandemic and War, There Were Bed Bugs and Love! (Lithuania) by Nuruzzaman Khan

Candle (UK) by Charles Jimenez

Charming Habits (Lithuania) by Paulius Aničas

Circus Movements (Portugal) by Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho

Cotton Fever (USA) by Daniel Blake Schwartz

Disappearing Acts (USA) by Sarah E. Jenkins

Down to the Bottom (USA) by Carina Miller

Elevator Alone (Greece) by Anastasia Papadopoulou

Emergence (USA) by Nick Pascoal

For All We Know (France) by Yann les Jours

Heat Wave Hallucination (USA) by Jil Guyon

Holestepper (Peru) by Sergio Fernández Muñoz

Jerome (USA) by Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz

Just Right (USA) by Camille Wormser

Keratin (UK) by Charles Jimenez, Scarlett Wang, Catarina Dias Silva, Stella Rosenkvist, Isobel O Gorman

King of the World (Belgium) by Ron Chiers

Last Kiss (Russia) by Eradzh Nidoev

Late Summer (USA) by Elizabeth Rao

Launchpad To The Limelight (USA) by Kelly Thorne

LCAW - Heart Of Glass (Germany) by Nathan Ceddia

Limits (Switzerland) by Simon de Diesbach

Love is the monster (Costa Rica) by Neto Villalobos Brenes

Manifest (USA) by Lawrence Ojugbeli, Tevin Tavares

Molten (USA) by Matt Andrew, Hillary Federico

Moscow State Circus (USA) by Joshua Van Horn

Most of the Time We Are Just Waiting (Canada) by Molly Shears

Mucho, Mucho Amor (USA) by Mariano Dongo

Mulika (Democratic Republic of the Congo) by Maisha Maene

No Entry (Canada) by Philippe Vanasse-Paquet, Dimitri Lavallée

Our Males and Females (Jordan) by Ahmad Alyaseer

Permission to land (Australia) by Martin Gerigk

Pioneer (USA) by Dillon Sienko

Poetry is Not A Luxury (USA) by Lorenzo Bradford

Portrait of a Plagiarist (USA) by David Orlowitz

Re-Membering: Meditation on a Triptych (Sweden) by Amra Hećo

Retardation (Sweden) by Nils Agdler

Rips (USA) by Major Dorfman

Sheephead (USA) by Spencer Creigh

Sona (Iran) by Zahra Torkamanlou

Stronger than you think (Belgium) by Laurent Stine

Supurbia (Norway) by Alexander Gudmestad

Text me when you get home xx (Germany) by Niklas Bauer

The Chromakey Man (Belgium) by William Samaha

The Coral Reef Chronicles (USA) by Zhuoyin He

The Dream Machine (France) by Michael William West

The Joy of a Home (Portugal) by Ana Isabel Martins

The Leak (Belgium) by Paola Cubillos

The Muse (USA) by Max Karpylev

Tilt (USA) by Bryan Hewitt, Vita Mei Hewitt

Together, Laughing (USA) by Claire Maske

Turnstile (USA) by Max Bogen

Un Eclat d'Amour Incompréhensible (Mexico) by Dante Silva

Under A Shooting Contrail (USA) by Rika Nakayama

Where my friend made a painting (Portugal) by Pedro Florêncio

Woodshedding (USA) by Viktor Herrmann

Writing of Ape (Sweden) by Gustav Hugo Olsson

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